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The Theory (in a nutshell)
a softer klaine
Glee spoilers everywhere, yo! For season four!

Crossposted from tumblr because sometimes I remember I have a livejournal.

not perfect and not complete but gives you a rough idea of I’m thinking Ryan Murphy is planning.  As always, I don't actually know anything.  Spoilers!

1. Kurt starts out the season exactly how Sebastian predicted: still in Lima, working at the Lima Bean, taking classes at the community college, and generally being a Lima Loser EXCEPT that he still has Blaine.  That’s the only good thing going for him at the start of the season.

2. We know later in the season that Kurt’s dreams start to come true: he’s living in New York, he has a DREAM internship at vogue.com, he’s living with Rachel in a spacious apartment just outside the city…but then he loses/breaks up with Blaine, aka the love of his life.

3. Kurt’s audition song from NYADA: You can have your dreams, but you can’t have me.

4. Blaine’s first solo of the season: I don’t ever want to let you down.  I don’t ever want to leave this town.

5. A theme we know appears in episode three and was even on the poster at ComicCon, which may make it relevant for the whole season: heroes/heroism, superheroes, the idea of saving someone…THINKY THOUGHTS.

6. We know thanks to Jenna that Tina and Mike break up because of Tina.  We also know that Sam and Mercedes break up over the summer, though we don’t know who breaks up with who.  Rumor has it Kurt and Blaine break up, and it’s Blaine breaking up with Kurt.  Sam and Blaine are gong to be bros.  Last season, Blaine and Mike were bros.  Mercedes and Kurt were best friends.  Tina was one of Kurt’s swans. Tina and Mercedes are great friends, and Mike and Sam are also bros. PARALLELISM. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? ENDGAME? also can I get a threeway date y/y/y?

Basically, my theory boils down to these two points:

1. Kurt will give up New York for Blaine, or give up Blaine for New York.

2. Blaine will have to save Kurt somehow, either metaphorically or literally.  He’ll evolve from Robin to Nightwing, from sidekick (Blaine) to hero (the New Rachel).

It’s probably more complicated than this, and I’m probably wrong, but…this is all clicking and pointing to something in my brain, and this is the closest I can get to at the moment from the details I have at this time.

Anyone else want to take a shot at it?

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Sounds like a good theory I was thinking the same thing when I heard blaines solo for the first episode

I have nothing of note to add, but I like the way your brain works.

ugh, unexpected pain, I knew that audition song was going to come back and haunt me eventually. -.-

Not sure if any of your views have changed since the episode aired, but I quite like your thoughts on the thematic idea of heroes and saving, and it would be great if they at least left it possible to interpret the unfolding storylines that way.

Personally, I still want to read a whole bunch of meaning that is not there into the highlighted phrase of Blaine's song - I keep mentally inserting a "but" in between the lines.

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