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a softer klaine

to tell you what I really think

i'm making it on my own

Glee Hiatus
a softer klaine
Poll #1942036 Next Hiatus Fest

Which hiatus fest idea are you MOST interested in/would like to participate in?

a Supernatural!Glee hiatus, where each week was a different supernatural prompt (zombies! werewolves! mermaids!)
a genre-type hiatus fest, where each week was a different genre (one week being sci-fi, another week fantasy, another week comedy, another crossover, ect.)
just a general prompt hiatus fest? (one day the prompt is apple, the next day its orange, then car, ect.)
an AU prompt fest, where each which is a different AU (week one is AU where Artie can walk, week two is AU where Finchel got married, week three is AU where Schue became an accountant, ect)
a fic trope fest, where each week’s theme is a popular fic trope (week one is badboy!trope, week two is skanks!trope, ect.)