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Avatar Sims Part Four: Love is in the Air!
a softer klaine
WARNING: Massive amounts of Zutara, Haru/Sai, Jet/Mai, one-sided Mai/Earth King, the Duke/Teddy Lupin, one-sided Earth King/Jet, and absolutely adorable children.

First, let's look at some of Toph's adorable children.

This is Toko (the one with the Zuko!hair, Toph x Zuko) and Tophara (the one with the frog hat, Toph x Katara) pretending to be siblings and being ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!

Tophli (Toph x Ty Lee), who is ROCKING that tux.  Aw yeah, sexy babeh. :D

Tophai (Toph x Mai) who is surprisingly less emo than I thought he'd turn out.

Tophzula (Toph x Azula) being less evil than expected and learning the ways of sexy from Grandma Ursa.

And Tophaang!  (Toph x Aang)  WHO IS SO FRICKING CUTE THERE WITH APPA!  Everyone say with me, "Aww!"

Now for the important parts:  ZUTARA!

Here be Zuko, who is shamelessly flirting with Katara before saying, "You know what would be awesome?  A wedding."

And so, Zuko and Katara got married.  (which is hard to take seriously because Zuko is still in the fufu dress, but it's still hot.)

Zuko stuffing cake in Katara's face.  (there were other people at the wedding, I just...didn't get pictures them.)

Also, because I got Free Time and Bon Voyage FOR THE PRICE OF ONE (great deal great deal!) I figured I should update you guys on the important people's hobbies:

Zuko: FILM AND LITERATURE (thespian!Zuko for the mother-fucking win!)
Katara: Cuisine
Toph: Badassness I mean Arts and Craft
Aang: Nature
Sokka: Science
Suki: Sports
Jet: Fitness

But because I have Bon Voyage, you know what that means?


Like all married couples, Zuko and Katara went off and did their own things.

Zuko learned to firebend...

Katara soaked in a hot spring with hot guys. :D

They met a pirate's ghost because Katara kept TRYING TO STEAL FROM THEM (for real, I'm not making this shit up)

And Zuko shows off his totally not!lame swordskills

And attempts to sunbathe...

Only to get severally sunburnt.  SILLY ZUZU, PASTY PEOPLE CAN'T TAN!

Though, for the record, they didn't spend their entire honeymoon doing their own thing.  They had plenty of 'together time', if you know what I mean...

They had so much fun on their honeymoon they decided that, when they got home, they should start making extremely sexy babehs.  Oh yes. :D :D

Now we interrupt this fun sexy adventure with some utter gayness!

When Haru and Sai met, they were immediately attracted to each other.

So much so, that Sai felt the need to make a portrait of Haru.

...Er, all of Haru.

Haru was surprisingly flattered...

And soon the two of them got married!  Congrats, Sai and Haru!

Sometime during all the fun, the Duke grew up and became a teenager!

He's obviously going through his rebellious teenager with cheap highlights faze.

Now Teddy Lupin and Duke have been childhood friends for a long time now...

And now that they're horny gay teenagers, things are pretty interesting between them.

Aww, look, the Duke got his first kiss!  Let's hope things stay happy between them!

Now on to the actual story!  The leading paring you people voted for was Jet/Mai!

So let's have some Jet/Mai!

Jet's completely sweet talking her...

So Mai decides to go on a date with him.

Only when they get there, BILL WEASLEY decides to...hit on Mai?!


Sadly, though, Bill Weasley kicks Jet's ass.

Fortunately, Mai is there to...throw a glass of water on him.

Bill leaves, feeling defeated.

So Jet and Mai make-out.  It's a good date.

So Mai tells Azula about her AWESOME DATE WITH JET!

Azula doesn't react all the happily for her friend.

Azula: "You can't date Jet!  He's a cheating man-whore!"
Mai: "I can date who I want!"
Azula: "GTFO of my house, betch!"

So officially kicked out of her home, Mai checks the want ads.  Finds out some new guy in town is looking for a roommate.  Who could this new guy be?

Why, it's the Earth King!  Who happens to think Mai is hot.

Oh, and Bosco. :D

Mai: "So, thanks for letting me room with you after my two best friends were complete and utter DOUCHES and kicked me and my son out."
EK: "Oh, no problem!  Glad I could help, u sexy lady."

The Earth King even offers to make Mai dinner!  Mai accepts, of course, because while she isn't a golddigger...

She doesn't mess with anyone who is broke.  Over dinner, she tells Kuei how hot she is for Jet.

And Kuei?  Admits he's rather hot for Jet as well.

All was well.


NEXT TIME:  Somebody dies!  No, seriously, it's sad and unexpected!  It almost made me tearbend because I was all, "What the hell?!"  Who dies?  I can't tell you.  I can, however, tell you that Zuko Fire, Sokka Water, Jet Freedom, Aang Avatar, and Kuei King go on a camping trip of epically gay porportions.  Let's hope their wives don't find out, they may want in on it...


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lolz @ zuko's wedding dress, and everyone's painfully apropos hobbies. XD also katara stealing from pirates LOLOLOLOLOL zuko getting sunburnt and appa/bosco the dog(s) were also epic win. XD

I think you nailed it with "epically gay porportions," haha!

This is win. I demand more of these! But how did Zuzu have hawt sexy tiems with Katara if he was sunburnt?


wait, jigga whaa? Haru and Sai, as in Sai from Naruto?? ... that's like, the gayest couple ever in the history of ever. AWESOME >:D MOAR PLZ

This is amazing. <3333 I lol'd so hard at Bill Weasley of all people (fandom crossover ftw!) beating up Jet. XDD

I eagerly anticipate this camping trip of epically gay proportions! 8D

EDIT: Also, that is one sexy backpack the EK has there.

Edited at 2008-06-18 05:01 am (UTC)

I lol'd.

I can't wait for the gay camping trip. :D

We all know Bill Weasley's one weakness is to having glasses of water dumped on him.
Tophbabies are freaking cute.

Toph = pimp. Oh yes.

I love the shot of the water splattered all over Bill especially. XD And the Katara pirate thing... Sim!Katara is no different from cartoon!Katara.

Someone suddenly dies?! And isn't brought back to life?!

Also, I am so jealous of you and your free time + bon voyage. I managed to get seasons but I'm afraid my lappy can't handle anymore expansions and don't want to risk a blue screen of death. :(

Excuse me, but what Sims games you have? (or whatever those new parts are called, english isn't my first language...)

I have all of them that are out, basically. ::sheepish grin:: I have Free Time, Bon Voyage, Seasons, Pets, Open for Business, Nightlife, and University. Bit of an addict, I am.

LOL at Bill getting beaten by Mai.

I left my sims along for a while with the time thing on fast forward and i came back everyone now and then to check on them.

When I came back for good it was really interesting how they worked things out.

Toph and Aang were in love, Zuko and Katara were in love, Sokka was in love with 3 different girls, and Zuko and Sokka hated each other, fought, and the end result was Zuko crying in the bathroom while Katara cleaned everything before cooking dinner.

The Sims ship zutara XD

Apparently yes even the Sims ship Zutara.

you seem to have ALL of the sims. wow.
oh, and i like zuko's hair.

and harrypotter and avatar crossover ftw!

Avatar, HP, and Naruto all in one?! Just add some Buffy and I'll be a slave to your lulz.

This is so fun to follow!
Mind me asking a question. What are you using that allows same genders to have babies?

A hack known as the Insiminator. You can download it at the Insiminator's website (which I believe is just insiminator.com, but don't quote me on that). With it, you can do almost anything, and that's how I get dudes' preggers.

Also Zuko and Katara look hot Simmized. And Jet/Mai is so hot. Never thought I'd say this but go Mai!!

"Let's hope their wives don't find out, they may want in on it..."

Hell, who wouldn't want in on it?! *lol*

Does the icon look familiar? :D


Sai and Haru? Def. my new OTP. BD
the hilariousness continues!!

MaiKueiJet makes me lol. Oh, Your Adorkableness, never change.

Am I the only one who can't see the images? Something's going on with my computer/photobucket.


Sunburned Zuko, naked haru, Mai being a whore, Zuko in a dress(he wouldn't get married in anyhing else, come on..), and all the cutesy babies.


ZOMG Toph is a whore! An admittedly fucking AWESOME ASS-KICKING WHORE, but a whore none-the-less.

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