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a softer klaine

to tell you what I really think

i'm making it on my own

Glee Hiatus
a softer klaine
Poll #1942036 Next Hiatus Fest

Which hiatus fest idea are you MOST interested in/would like to participate in?

a Supernatural!Glee hiatus, where each week was a different supernatural prompt (zombies! werewolves! mermaids!)
a genre-type hiatus fest, where each week was a different genre (one week being sci-fi, another week fantasy, another week comedy, another crossover, ect.)
just a general prompt hiatus fest? (one day the prompt is apple, the next day its orange, then car, ect.)
an AU prompt fest, where each which is a different AU (week one is AU where Artie can walk, week two is AU where Finchel got married, week three is AU where Schue became an accountant, ect)
a fic trope fest, where each week’s theme is a popular fic trope (week one is badboy!trope, week two is skanks!trope, ect.)

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a softer klaine

Note: This is not finished and it will never be finished, because I can't justify the world watching Karofsky's outing with the knowledge that, should that happen, he'd immediately try and kill himself. That's way too dark for anything I want to write.


Since the original fic is making rounds again, I decided to go back and look at what I had written of chapter two. I made it all the way past Furt, and most of it? I really like.
So even though it's not finished and never will be, enjoy chapter two.

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a softer klaine
Oh God Tumblr is down!

But I made adorable Klaine cookie designs!
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[fic] Anew
a softer klaine
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

[fic] The Road to ComicCon
a softer klaine
Title: The Road to ComicCon
Author: Jakia / luckyjak
Word Count:5924
Friendships: Blaine + Artie + Sam + a bit of Cooper, a little past Kurt/Blaine

Summary Sam and Artie kidnap Blaine and force him to grow his hair out so he can cosplay Jon Snow and be a part of their Game of Thrones cosplay at the San Diego ComicCon.  Sam is going as Jamie Lannister but without the whole making out with his sister part.  Artie is going as Not Bran Stark you ableist assholes.  Blaine wants to know when he signed up for this and also how can he get out of i (but hey, at least Jon Snow i pretty!) Cooper gets involved.  There are Shenanigans.  AU after Dynamic Duets.  Assumes Kurt never called Blaine during Thanksgiving.
Warnings: ableism and gender stuff.  Spoilers for Game of Thrones season one, but not really.  You should be able to read this even if you aren' familiar with Game of Thrones.

A/N: A day late, I know.  Real life intervened.  Hope you still like it regardless?


Blaine wonders, exactly, how he got involved in this.Collapse )

[fic] First Day
a softer klaine
Title: First Day
Author: Jakia / luckyjak
Word Count: 1653
Rating: G
Prompt: Daddy!Klaine -- first day of kindergarten

A/N: I had so many other plans for this fic that I wanted to do, but I ran out of time and then I got pneumonia and didn't really feel like writing anything.  So this is late, but hopefully is still good and enjoyable!  

Kurt loved his kids. Never let anyone tell you differently.Collapse )

[fic] Pass
a softer klaine

Title: Pass

Author: jakia / luckyjak

Summary: 1950s AU. Blaine Castillo can pass: that’s not actually a gift, believe it or not. [Blaine character study, slight Klaine, one sided Blaine/Rachel]

Warnings: racism, sexism, homophobia, and all the other goodness that comes from 1950s America.

A/N: Takes place in the same universe as this, this, and this but none of them are required readings to understand this one.

Blaine Castillo grew up in Westerville, Ohio with his mother. Then Blaine Castillo stopped existing all together, and Blaine Anderson moved to Lima.Collapse )

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a softer klaine
Is tumblr down for anyone else, or is it just me?

The Theory (in a nutshell)
a softer klaine
Glee spoilers everywhere, yo! For season four!

Crossposted from tumblr because sometimes I remember I have a livejournal.

not perfect and not complete but gives you a rough idea of I’m thinking Ryan Murphy is planning.  As always, I don't actually know anything.  Spoilers!

Let me warn you again: spoilers!Collapse )

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a softer klaine
One thing LJ continues to have above tumblr is the ability to make polls, so let's do this thing.

Kurt Hummel the supernatural being is

a ghost (he's dead, Jim)
a vampire (his relationship with death and stuff)
a fairy (see above)
a werewolf (well he's not a cat!)
a witch (he's magical)
a genie (his magic only ever works for other people)

Blaine Anderson, however, is

a ghost (...dalton)
a vampire (i've seen some awfully good manips where people have made him look like a vampire, I'd buy it)
a fairy (dalton!)
a werewolf (he *is* rather hairy)
a witch (why not?)
a genie (he's a dream! make your teenage dream come true tonight!)
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