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[fic] Kiss (If You Want) (1/?)
a softer klaine

Title: Kiss (If You Want) (1/?)
Author: Jakia / luckyjak
Word Count: 5000-ish
Pairings: canon-compliant, but the focus is on Kurt/Blaine

Summary: AU. Kurt doesn’t talk to Blaine about being bullied when they first meet, and as a result, Blaine asks him out, and canon diverges from there. [Or, what if Kurt and Blaine made out in 2.06 like we wanted them to?]

A/N: This is an idea that I’ve been working on again/off again for a while now, so I hope you enjoy it!  Thanks again to both rainbowrites (aka my fandom wife), who was a cheerleader for me while this was being written, and to the_multicorn, who beta-read this for me!  Muchos gracias!

Right now, on November 9th, 2010, at 2:37 pm at Dalton Academy, Kurt Hummel is being kissed.Collapse )

You Could Be Happy: A (spoilers spoiler spoiler) Soundtrack
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But if you want free music, click away!

fan-made soundtrack under the cutCollapse )
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a softer klaine
real life stuff no one cares about, I know, but I am excited.

SO EXCITEDCollapse )

ficlet: Teenage Dream
a softer klaine
Porn.  Ish.  Mostly, I've just been in a terrible mood lately thanks to real life crap, so I thought I'd write about two things that make me happy: early season 2 Klaine and masturbation.  I'm not very good at writing sex-things, but what the hell.  Practice makes perfect.  PWP with bits of feelings.

Warning: awkward teenage virgins getting off to the thought of boys they just met, with feelings and junk.

Rated M for  
but is pretty tame all things considered.

Comments are love.

boys boys boysCollapse )

Real Life Stuff No One Cares About: Week From Hell
a softer klaine
It's been one hell of a week, and it's only Wednesday.

Depressing RL stuff under the cutCollapse )

[fic] Perfection, or 20 Truths of Blaine Anderson
a softer klaine
Title: Perfection, or 20 Truths of Blaine Anderson
Author: jakia / luckyjak
Word Count: 2085
Summary: Twenty facts about Blaine Anderson, and why he constantly strives for perfection.  Background Kurt/Blaine, mostly a character study.

A/N: A lot of previous fandoms I've been in had 20_truths challenges, which is basically exactly what it says on the tin: you write 20 truths or 20 facts about a character/pairing/group, often in a stylized format that ends up being part fanfiction, part meta, and part headcanon.  I haven't seen this format used for the Glee fandom hardly at all, so I thought I'd introduce it and see if it spreads.  (If someone wants to write 20 Truths of Lord Tubbington that would be fantastic thanks).  That, and I had ~ideas~.


Read MoreCollapse )

[fic] Are We Having Fun Yet? [1/2]
a softer klaine
Title: Are We Having Fun Yet? [1/2]
Author: Jakia / luckyjak
Word Count: 6383
Rating: M for light smut and references to drug use
AU Friday: Vintage

Summary: AU. It’s the year 1967. The Vietnam War is at its peak, as is the so-called “hippie movement”. When his stepbrother drags him to a party that Kurt doesn’t really want to attend, Kurt thinks that he’ll just drink quietly away from everyone else and hope the stench of unwashed hippie comes out of his clothes. Instead, he meets Blaine Anderson, who plans on rocking Kurt’s world through the seductive power of drugs, sex, rock and roll, and maybe even love. [Klaine, minor Finchel, Samcedes, and Brittana, and an awesome platonic Blaine/Rachel somewhat Anderberry siblings friendship]

Warning: drugs, sex, and rock and roll, specifically marijuana, alcohol, blowjobs, handjobs, and the Beatles. Also, the Vietnam War probably deserves mentioning a time or two.  More of the drug warning probably belongs in part two, but it gets mentioned a time or two here so I figured I'd mention it here as well.

Disclaimer: I am so whitebread it hurts. I very rarely drink, and I’ve never done pot or any sort of drugs ever in my life. However, I felt I couldn’t really write a 1960s Hippie!AU without including it in some form, so if anything is super unrealistic, blame google.

Little * can be hovered over for additional background information.

"My parents would prefer it if I kept my immoral bohemian lifestyle out of their house, thank you."Collapse )

[fic] You Were Only Waiting
a softer klaine

Title: You Were Only Waiting

Author: Jakia

Word Count: 1700

Summary: AU. Vintage Klaine, 1950s.  Kurt Hummel is a lounge singer in Los Angeles.  Blaine Anderson is a famous 50’s crooner, American heartthrob, and lead singer of Blaine and the Pips.   They went to high school together, but haven’t seen each other in years.  This is the story of how they meet, again.

A/N: I guess I just really wanted to make sure I had something for Klaine AU Friday this week, because I’m working on another fic that’s a 1960s AU when this scene hit me and wouldn’t leave my brain.  Help I might be addicted to time swap!Klaine.


Blaine doesn’t say anything, at first. He just pulls his glasses out of his jacket pocket, and slips them onto Kurt’s face. And Kurt wants to die, because he hasn’t worn glasses since high school and he must look absolutely terrible and— Is Blaine blushing?Collapse )

[fic] Mostly a Love Story
a softer klaine
Title: Mostly a Love Story: A Fairy Tale of Love and Faithfulness
Author: Jakia / luckyjak
Word Count: 7175
Rating: PG-13 for implied sexiness and Cooper Anderson's existence.

Summary: AU.  When Blaine, bastard son of the king, meets Kurt during Samhain, or the Festival of the Dead, he never suspects that his newfound friend his cursed.  When he learns about the curse, however, he vows to do whatever he can to break the curse--even if it means doing what everyone around him believes is impossible.

A/N: Oh my GOD this is long, and had, at one point, eight different endings before this one.  I finally settled on a happy ending, but I could have easily gone for the heart-crushing angst, so I might put up the alternate ending some day.

(Can it be vintage Klaine AU week yet? I want to write about hippie!Blaine giving blowjobs instead.  Can it be that week instead? -_-)

EDIT: OH MY GOD I almost forgot thank you rainbowrites for being my cheerlearder/inspiration/beta/fandom wife, without whom this fic would have been much worse!

quick guide:

Anders—mountainous kingdom, Blaine’s homeland.

Merula—Latin for blackbird, Kurt’s kingdom.

Samhain: Celtic fire festival, where it was thought the dead walked the Earth for a week.  It’s where we get our Halloween/All Spirits Day celebration.

Blaine’s mask: http://www.successcreations.com/product-p/s-2546.htm

Kurt’s mask: http://www.successcreations.com/product-p/a-1159.htm

It wasn’t much of a short cut; in fact, it might’ve been the long way, but it had been nice, holding Kurt’s hand, and Blaine had wanted to savor that feeling for as long as possible.Collapse )

[fic] And We'll Figure It Out, Together
a softer klaine
Title: And We'll Figure It Out, Together
Author: Jakia
Word Count: 1450
Rating: T/M--talk of orgasms and very light sexiness, rate as you will.

Summary: Missing scene fic.  How Kurt and Blaine came to their "no hands below the waist" rule.  Summer of last year fic, first time frottage, 90% dialogue because I'm not good at writing porn where things actually happen.


After all, it was only kissing. And rubbing. And touching, and squeezing, and maybe Kurt licked Blaine’s nipples, but that wasn’t sex.Collapse )


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